Do I have to purchase a bottle of Deep RiverRock to donate?

Yes, in order to donate you must purchase one of the Deep RiverRock ‘Thirst for Better’ bottles in store.

How much of a donation can be made from each bottle of Deep RiverRock?

The value of your unique code (10 cent or 10 pence) will be determined on your IP address and you will only be able to donate to a group in your country of residence, which will also be based on the IP address.

How do I donate 10c/p from my bottle of Deep RiverRock?

To donate to a group in The Thirst for Better campaign you should first of all purchase a bottle of Deep RiverRock and peel back the label to reveal the unique code.

Scan the Facebook messenger icon on the bottle to open communication with Deep RiverRock via messenger or visit and follow the ‘redeem’ steps, selecting the group of your choice that Deep RiverRock are supporting through their Thirst for Better campaign.

What kind of groups are receiving funding?

Thirst for Better are supporting community groups on the Island of Ireland, who are working towards being their better selves. These groups must target at least one of the following key priorities; emotional, physical and/or social needs within their local community.

How do I pick which group(s) to donate to?

You can search by a group name you know, or alternatively you can search by interest, location or if you would prefer you can donate to a randomised group selected.

Is there a maximum amount of Deep RiverRock Bottles I can donate?

Each unique code can only be entered once and each IP address will be limited to 20 codes per day. For more information on this please visit our Terms and Conditions.

How can I contact someone about Thirst for Better?

If you have a query, please email us at [email protected]. This email address will operate between business hours. Alternatively please contact our Fund Manager on +44 (0)78 2456 8043 between the working hours of 10am-2pm Monday to Friday.

I am trying to enter my code but receiving an error message – what do I do?

Please retry entering your unique code, ensuring all characters are entered correctly. If you continue to experience problems, please contact us at [email protected]. Please retain your label so we can validate your code..

Why can I only see community groups in my country of residence?

The information you can view is based on your country of residence, which will also be based on the IP address.

How do I get in touch with a group?

You can view information on each group by visiting their profile here. If the group is happy for you to contact them, they will list their contact details on their project page.